Who “We” Are


Tiffany Wolf, Founder

I’m all about wielding words and massaging messages with a heap of strategy and a dash of fun.

After getting a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Regina, I ran straight into the arms of the communication and public relations field—quelle horreur! Then I spent a decade or so working in and around government, including a non-profit advocacy organization, before founding Helium Communications in 2018.

My training and career have given me a skill set a mile wide but far more than an inch deep. I’ve worked both sides of the journalism/communications relationship, and am a certified media trainer, so I know the best ways to get your story picked up. I’m utterly obsessed with words and language, so I am compelled to write and edit all the things. (Fun fact: I stopped reading notes and letters with a pen in my hand after I accidentally edited a permission slip that had to go back to my son’s teacher.) I’ve been a team member, a project leader, and the only communicator on staff. I know how to get **it done, and with a background in government and non-profits I know how important it is to work within your budget.

Above all, I believe words and how we use them can change the world, because everything we do is communication.

Why Helium Communications?

Let’s be honest, no one gets excited about a bunch of helium floating away; what we love is the balloon the helium lifts. It’s the same way for my work: I take the fun balloon (your business, your message, your words) and help it rise. The higher your balloon gets, the more people see it. And who doesn’t want to check out where the balloon came from and get in on that party?

Unlike real helium, I also know where the power lines are. I can identify risks and help you avoid them for best floating conditions and fewer outages.



Helium Communications is a one-woman shop! Did all the “we” talk fool you?

But don’t worry, I have a contact list stacked with other fun and talented people who do great work. From graphic designers to web developers, if your project needs more than just me, we really do have you covered.