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No matter what your organization does or where you work within it, good communication can help you reach your goals and do your job better. Helium Communications is here to bring your good idea to the top.


What is Communication Consulting, Anyway?

You ask good questions, so let’s give you a good answer. We hope…

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If it involves words and sharing information, we can help!

Whether you need a plan, someone to execute your strategy, a good editor (everyone needs a good editor), help navigating a crisis, another set of hands for a big project, or to learn how to answer questions—from reporters, stakeholders, or just your friends—we’ve got you covered.

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Blurbs on Words

What do you do when you’re obsessed with language, words, and using them well? You write about it!

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Who We Are

People do business with people. So who is Helium Communications? (Yes, that verb agreement hurts us too.)


Words and how we use them can change the world.